Our Team

Monarch’s Management Group has managed natural gas gathering, processing and treating operations in the rapidly growing conventional and unconventional gas plays of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. The principals of Monarch have worked together since the early 1990s in a number of operating companies and have many years of combined midstream experience throughout the United States as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

Greg Sales - Chairman and CEO

Greg Sales has spent over 37 years in the midstream sector of the natural gas industry.  He is the former Chairman and CEO of both Cantera Natural Gas, LLC as well as Canyon Gas Resources, LLC.  Prior to his tenure with Cantera and Canyon, he served as Chairman and CEO as well as President and COO of Highlands Gas Corporation.  He also served as President and COO of Mountain Gas Resources, Inc. and Vice President and General Manager of Presidio Gas Resources.  Mr. Sales has over a 20 year relationship with Metalmark Capital and Morgan Stanley Capital Partners.

Terry Klare - President and COO

Terry Klare has spent the last 40 years of his professional career in the natural gas midstream sector.  He is the former President and COO and Board Member of Cantera Resources, Inc., Cantera Natural Gas, LLC, and Canyon Gas Resources, LLC, as well as Senior Vice President of Highlands Gas Corporation, all of which were Metalmark Capital or Morgan Stanley Capital Partners’ portfolio companies.  Mr. Klare graduated from Texas A&I University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Judson Williams - CFO and Treasurer

Judson Williams is the former Treasurer of both Cantera Resources, Inc., and Canyon Gas Resources, LLC. He is  the former CFO for Reservoir Characterization Research & Consulting, Inc., an oil and gas industry software design and consulting company. Williams held various positions with Presidio Oil Company, Inc. including Treasurer, and has also worked as a financial consultant.

Keith Finger - SVP and Corporate Secretary

Keith Finger is the former SVP and CFO of Cantera Resources, Inc., and Canyon Gas Resources, LLC.  He was formerly Vice President, CFO and Treasurer of Highlands Gas Corporation as well as Senior Vice President and CFO for Mountain Gas Resources, Inc.  He has also worked as an independent financial consultant specializing in acquisitions and financing in the oil and gas industry, and has held various executive positions with Presidio Oil Company and Ensource, Inc.  Mr. Finger has degrees from Kansas University (MBA and BS – Business and Economics) and Denver University (Masters of Taxation).

TJ Henderson - VP, Midstream Business Development

TJ Henderson has spent the last 13 years in the Midstream sector, most recently as the Vice President of Midstream Commercial Gas Supply and Marketing for Eagle Rock Energy Partners’ Midstream Business.  Prior to that, he held various commercial roles for Enterprise Products in the San Juan Basin, Enbridge Energy Partners in the Mid-Continent, and Cantera Resources, Inc. in the Fort Worth Basin.

Mark Ingram - Midstream Business Development (Mid-Continent & Eastern U.S.)

Mark Ingram was with Total Gas & Power North America, Inc. prior to joining Monarch.  Mark served as General Manager, President and CEO of Total Gas & Power North America (TGPNA).  As the U.S. country manager, he developed and managed the Natural Gas Marketing & Trading business in North America.  He also headed commercial efforts for Total’s U.S. market entry into Liquefied Natural Gas, and served as Board Member for Total’s Altamira LNG project in Mexico during its construction.  Mark was also head of Total’s International Business Development team for Solar Energy and Biofuels in North America.  Prior to this, he was part of Cantera Resources and VP Gas Marketing for Highland Gas Corp.  Mr. Ingram has held numerous positions in the Oil and Gas Industry, has served on the Board for the Natural Gas Supply Association in Washington D.C. and worked to develop U.S. policy and support for the Natural Gas Industry. He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the U.S. Energy Industry.

Richard Wanger - Midstream Business Development (Rockies & Western U.S.)

Richard Wanger began his career in the oil and gas industry more than 37 years ago when he joined Shar-Alan Oil Company as principal and Vice President.  Richard was instrumental in developing growth and financing strategies for this closely held company and its investor groups.  Richard then helped form a joint venture to acquire, own and operate the assets of Cowboy Pipeline, a small Houston, Texas based midstream company. Richard then joined KN Energy (later Kinder Morgan) as a Director of Business Development, and also served Kerr-McGee (later Anadarko Petroleum) as a Business Development and Commercial Representative for one of the company’s flagship assets, the Wattenberg Gathering System.  He was later advanced to have commercial responsibility for all Kerr-McGee Rockies Region midstream assets that included Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.  Mr. Wanger earned both BS and MBA degrees from CCU (California Coast University) and completed the Mineral Economics certificate course “Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods” from the Colorado School of Mines.